Owensboro Catholic Radio wants to hear from you! If WIMM has positively impacted your Faith or family life, please let us know. Contact us to have your testimonial listed here.

I have taken the 30 day challenge and I plan to stay tuned in to Owensboro
Catholic Radio. I listen to the Son Rise morning show every morning while getting ready for work and it puts my
whole day in perspective-- so much better than the morning dj shows did on other stations!
God bless you for bringing such wonderful programming to our area.


Hello dear friends!

I would like to thank all radio presenter to your radio.

Even in cloudy weather, your opinion is based on the heat that passes through the radio speakers. Thank you, dear, that in spite of your mood, you give us warmth and love.
Over the past few years I lived in your country, I woke up and fell asleep to the sound of your radio. Unfortunately, I should come back home to Russia. Unfortunately, such radio stations as your not in Russia. Once again I want to thank you and all your management for your work - you bring the people a good mood!

Dear radio presenter, be happy!

With love


Dear WIMM,

Thank you for all you do. I am now a devoted listener. God Bless you.


Thank you for your service to our community. I have been a listener to Catholic radio since long before Owensboro got its station, but was only able to listen when traveling. Since WIMM came on the air, my radio has rarely been turned to anything else. I'm happy to help support the station.

Thanks again,



Thanks for all you do for Catholic Radio!

God bless,

-Ray & Darcy

Keep up the good work. As we pray, hearts and souls will be reached and rejoice in the Lord with true fulfillment and joy.

My Prayers!


Owensboro Catholic Radio has made a huge difference in both my own Faith, and that of my family. The programming is excellent. Always inspiring, uplifting, helps me to dig deeper into my Faith. If you want to see your faith life and that of your family's come alive, I highly recommend taking the 30-day Catholic Radio Challenge - Listen to nothing but Catholic Radio for the next 30 days. See if your life is not moved for the better because of it!


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