WIMM is Owensboro’s only Catholic Radio Station.  WIMM is a non-profit Catholic Radio station which broadcasts the EWTN radio signal to the citizens of Owensboro.

WIMM does not recieve any financial support from the Diocese of Owensboro or any of its parishes.  WIMM is only able to stay on the air due to the generosity of our listeners and underwriters.  As a non-profit, all donations to WIMM are tax deductable.  If you regularly tune into Owensboro Catholic Radio, please consider a financial contribution.

WIMM is always in need of more underwriters.  Underwriters are regular donors who commit to supporting the programming on WIMM.  In appreciation for their generosity, WIMM features regular on-air announcements to recognize their commitment to Catholic Radio.  You can learn more about our current underwriters and help support their businesses here.

WIMM has no paid staff and is completely operated by volunteers.  Do you enjoy listening to Catholic Radio?  Do you want to ensure that it stays on the air?  If you do, become a volunteer.

Vehicles for Charity

Wondering what to do with your used car, truck, boat, trailer, tractor, motorcycle, or RV?

Donating your old vehicle to Owensboro Catholic Radio, is convenient, easy, and may qualify you for a tax deduction. And best of all, your donation of a used vehicle will make a big difference in supporting Owensboro Catholic Radio.

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