Q. What is the coverage area for Owensboro Catholic Radio?

A.  You can see a map of the coverage area by here

Q. There are quite a few Christian radio stations already in this area. How is WIMM different?

A. Catholic radio offers programming from a Catholic perspective that isn’t available on the other stations.

Q. Will WIMM target only Catholic listeners?

A. Catholic radio offers a variety of programs targeted to Catholics and non-Catholics. The core programming by its nature is Catholic and will attract a Catholic audience. However, research shows that many of the programs attract a general audience and becomes a tool for evangelization.

Q. Is the station on the air around the clock or part-time?

A. The station offers programming twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Q. How is WIMM funded?

A. The station is listener-supported with partial funding through underwriting sponsors.

Q. How can I help support Owensboro Catholic radio?

A. First, please pray for us that the Lord will grant us success in the attainment of our mission. Also, please consider supporting us financially (for more details, please click here).

Q. Does the Catholic Church govern the programming content?

A. The operators of the station work in concert with the Church to ensure all programming is in line with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Q. The programming comes mostly through EWTN, the Catholic broadcasting network based in Alabama. How does that relate to the local market?

A. The Catholic Church is worldwide and our teachings are universally the same. Whether it comes from Alabama, Australia or Indiana, the message will always be consistent.

Q. What type of programming content we can expect from WIMM?

A. The range of programming spans all aspects of our Catholic faith. The topics may include prayer, catechesis, apologetics, current events, testimonials and many more. The majority of content is talk based.

Q. Will you broadcast news programs?

A. There is no program dedicated solely to news. A popular live call-in show, “The World Over” includes news from the Vatican and national Catholic news for the week, every Friday evening.

Q. Will WIMM accept underwriting?

A. Underwriting will play a part in the funding of our station. As a not-for-profit station we will not be accepting advertising and will rely on businesses, organizations and individuals in the Catholic community to help fund and underwrite the messaging of the station. For additional information please contact us to learn more.

Q. Why has the Catholic Church not funded this radio station?

A. The Diocese of Owensboro already has a wide spectrum of ministries that must be supported. This is especially true in service to the poor and underprivileged. Financial and human resources are already stretched to the maximum. We have chosen not to ask for financial support.

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