The mission of WIMM is to evangelize the word of God in Owensboro, Kentucky. Many people drive around seeking spiritual and truthful guidance in life. There are many programs on WIMM that Owensboro listeners can benefit from and enrich their lives and the lives of their family and friends.

In concert with the EWTN Global Catholic Network, our goal is to broadcast the beauty and teachings of the Catholic Faith and to inform, inspire and challenge listeners so that all who hear it may be brought into the Kingdom of God.

To achieve this mission, our programming is designed to communicate divine truth, foster charity, defend peace and spread joy. It is our intention to cultivate and nurture among all people the salvation which is available only through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

Our Begining

The radio station was originally granted a license through the efforts of David Clark of Immaculate Parish along with David and Julie Renshaw in 2003.

David Clark was awarded a not for profit low powered FM radio station in December of 2003. He immediately tried to get support and other organizations involved to get the station off the ground. In the process, Michael Edge was contacted and saw the value and need of Catholic broadcasting in Owensboro, KY.

Michael immediately contacted Father Baker who had accomplished the same with a license and Catholic radio station in Hopkinsville, KY. Father became an advisor to the process in Owensboro and Michael formed a board that consisted of George Wathen, John Howard and John Wright. It became very apparent to Michael and the board that they needed technical expertise. WIMM was blessed to find Mr. Ed Thomas, a lifelong expert radio engineer. He graciously devoted an enormous amount of energy and time to get the station off the ground. Without Ed the station would not exist! He continues to advise and council the ongoing development of WIMM.

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