Every once and a while, Owensboro Catholic Radio receives letters of appreciation or personal stories concerning the impact of WIMM.  Since radio provides an  anonymous connection with the community, we rarely know the effect of this station on the lives of listeners.  Therefore, these notes are cherished and provide encouragement to all those involved here at WIMM.  Some of the letters are published on the testimonial page of our website.

We recently received a rather touching letter from a listener who apparently had been visiting Owensboro.  We would like to share this note with you now.  It shows that, once again, we humans cannot predict the movements of the Holy Spirit.  It also reminds us of the great blessings that God has bestowed on us here in Owensboro.

Hello dear friends!

I would like to thank all radio presenter to your radio.

Even in cloudy weather, your opinion is based on the heat that passes through the radio speakers. Thank you, dear, that in spite of your mood, you give us warmth and love.  Over the past few years I lived in your country, I woke up and fell asleep to the sound of your radio. Unfortunately, I should come back home to Russia. Unfortunately, such radio stations as your not in Russia. Once again I want to thank you and all your management for your work – you bring the people a good mood!

Dear radio presenter, be happy!

With love


If you would like to share a personal story or testimonial, write to us at manager@wimmradio.com

Thanks for listening and God Bless you.

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