WIMM is Owensboro Kentucky’s only Catholic Radio Station.  WIMM is a non-profit Catholic Radio station which broadcasts the EWTN radio signal to the citizens of Owensboro.  WIMM does not receive any financial support from the Diocese of Owensboro or any of its parishes.  WIMM is only able to stay on the air due to the generosity of the listeners and underwriters.  As a non profit, all donations to WIMM are tax deductable.

Current board members:

  • John Kurtz
  • Matheis Carrico
  • Charlie Castlen
  • Nicholas Hardesty
  • Andrew Thompson
  • Cathy Graham

Spiritual Advisor:

  • Father Gerald Baker

Broadcast Engineer:
Ed Thomas

Our Mission
Discover the mission and purpose of Owensboro Catholic Radio and learn of the twists and turns that led to the establishment of WIMM.  A story so unpredictable that it bears the fingerprints of the Holy Spirit.

Find out what others are saying about Catholic Radio.  Read how Catholic Radio has impacted lives and changed hearts through the personal witness of our listeners.  Has Catholic Radio impacted your life?  Leave us a message and let us know.

Why Catholic Radio?
Good question!  Do you want to know why radio makes an impact, why Catholic Radio matters, and why you should care?  There is only one way to find out!

Our Underwriters
Find out who is paying the bills at WIMM so that Owensboro can listen to Catholic Radio.  Since they support WIMM, please consider supporting them.  If you are interested in becoming an underwriter, click here.

Want to know more about Owensboro Catholic Radio?  Our frequently asked questions section provides more background to commonly asked questions.

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