Dear Friends,

Keep Owensboro Catholic Radio in your prayers!

WIMM recognizes the limited performance of our station and we are committed to improving our radio signal.  As a low power FM, the FCC heavily regulates our transmitting capability. Currently, our antenna is placed on a tower outside the city limits which reduces the power of our signal within the city.  Despite the FCC restrictions, a properly placed antenna could provide the entire city of Owensboro with a commercial grade signal.

Over the last year, we have designed a tower to be built at a more central location on the Carmel Home grounds.  Moving our antenna to this new tower will double our listening area and provide a stronger signal.  To see a map of the proposed broadcast area, click here.  Happily, the design period has come to a close and now we are moving toward the construction period.  Prior to construction, however, we must get approval from the legal authorities.

Just today, WIMM 107.7 Owensboro Catholic Radio has submitted an application to the city planning and zoning department for a building permit.

We ask your prayers that this application process runs smoothly and our proposal to build a new tower is approved.

Ad majorem Dei gloriam!

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