Today is a big day for Owensboro Catholic Radio. Today, construction began on our new radio tower!!!

Owensboro Catholic Radio is determined to improve our signal in the Owensboro community. By locating our signal on the grounds of the Carmel Home, this new tower will double our potential listening audience and make the WIMM signal as strong as any station within the city limits!!!

That means more people will be have the opportunity to tune into EWTN Global Catholic Network. More will be able to consider the beauty and teachings of the Catholic Faith. More will be informed, inspired and challenged so that all who hear it may be brought into the Kingdom of God.

We expect the project to be completed by the end of August. When the move to the new tower occurs, the WIMM signal will change from 107.7 to 107.9. So be ready to change the memory button on your car radio.

WIMM would like to thank the sister of the Carmel Home for their support and use of their land. WIMM would also like to thank JMJ construction for all their hard work.

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  1. Ruth Ann Carrico says:


  2. Linda Hill says:

    Hopefully the new signal will be stronger in Whitesville.

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