Owensboro Catholic Radio is committed to improving the WIMM radio signal in the City of Owensboro.

As a low power FM station, their are numerous legal boundaries that must be respected. WIMM is legally allowed to broadcast at 100ft above the local average terrain at 100 watts. This translates into about 10 square miles. Despite these restrictions, after several years of planning, changes will be made this summer that will improve the signal for WIMM.

We plan to begin construction on a new radio tower in July. Once complete, we will move our antenna from its current location, outside the city in southeastern Daviess County, to the new location at the Carmel Home property. This move will double the potential listening audience and improve the strength of signal throughout the city limits. Within city limits, the signal of WIMM will be as strong as any full-power commercial radio station.

You may have noticed a change in the logo. Part of this move will require WIMM to change the FM frequency from 107.7 FM to our new home of 107.9 FM. This change will occur on the day the antenna is moved, probably in mid to late July. We will keep you updated and informed when the date is certain.

Many thanks to the Carmelite sisters of the Carmel Home, and all of you who support WIMM with your listenership, prayers, and financial support.

Over the next two months, we ask that you remember Owensboro Catholic Radio in you prayers as we navigate this transition.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

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