Owensboro Catholic Radio has just recently updated our pages listing the Owensboro Area Mass Times, Confession Times, and Eucharistic Adoration Times.

See the following links:

Mass Times: http://owensborocatholicradio.com/local-mass/ Confession Times: http://owensborocatholicradio.com/local-confession/ Eucharistic Adoration Times: http://owensborocatholicradio.com/eucharistic-adoration/

Many thanks to our WIMM volunteers for doing the tedious research required to keep these pages updated.

If any of you notice a change in the schedule of your home parish, please send us an email so we may keep this list as up to date as possible.   With the large number of parishes in the Daviess County area, it is difficult to be aware of any change.  Your help would be appreciated.

WIMM radio can be contacted at manager@wimmradio.com.

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