I am a cradle Catholic who has become disenchanted with the Church. What books would you recommend I read that will convince me to come back?


It is very admirable of you to give Catholicism a second chance. Some people give little thought to abandoning the Church of their youth, yet I see from your words that you consider this to be a very important decision. I am definitely here to help in any way I can.

Here are some books that I would recommend:

  • Catechism of the Catholic Church: Second Edition
  • Holy Bible: Revised Standard Version, Second Catholic Edition
  • You Can Understand the Bible: A Practical and Illuminating Guide to Each Book in the Bible, by Peter Kreeft
  • Map of Life: A Simple Study of the Catholic Faith, by Frank Sheed
  • Surprised by Truth: Vols. One, Two, and Three, by Patrick Madrid (editor)
  • Theology for Beginners, by Frank Sheed
  • One-Minute Apologist, by Dave Armstrong
  • If Your Mind Wanders at Mass, by Thomas Howard
  • The Lamb’s Supper: The Mass as Heaven on Earth, by Scott Hahn
  • Hail, Holy Queen, by Scott Hahn
  • The Fathers of the Church, Expanded Edition, by Mike Aquilina
  • Life Is Worth Living, by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen
  • Prayer for Beginners, by Peter Kreeft
  • Rome Sweet Home, by Scott Hahn
  • On Being Catholic, by Thomas Howard
  • Catholic Christianity, by Peter Kreeft


I realize that there are a lot of books in this list, and some are definitely longer than others. But, these really are some of the best books available for anyone making an initial inquiry into the Catholic faith. I could list many more, but that should keep you busy! Let me know if you have any questions along the way.

Peace of Christ to you,

Nicholas Hardesty, WIMM Board Member
Director of Religious Education, Blessed Mother Catholic Church

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  1. aaron says:

    I would also recommend Thomas Merton’s Autobiography, “Seven Story Mountain.” It follows along the same lines as the Surprised By Truth series.

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