Q&A Potpourri #3

What should I do to become Catholic?

Call the Director of Religious Education or the Pastor at your local Catholic church and inquire about entering the RCIA process. If you have to wait several months before you can begin the process, then spend that time reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church in order to get the best possible understanding of what the Catholic Church teaches.

Are there any disadvantages to being a Catholic?

Well, the main disadvantage of being Catholic is discrimination by the worldly, by people who reject what we believe or who misunderstand our beliefs and practices. Often times, it seems that anti-Catholicism is the last acceptable prejudice. But, by the grace of God, this becomes not a disadvantage but an opportunity to suffer with Christ and in Christ. Remember the words of Jesus, “If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you” (Jn 15:18).

Is there an exact number of Catholics who have been canonized as saints?

I am not aware of an exact number. The Patron Saints Index has 5,950 saints, beati (those who have been beatified), and venerables. It is by far the most exhaustive list available online, so it may give you some indication of how many saints have been canonized over the years.

During Lent, what three things do we do to reflect and prepare for Easter?

The three practices most highly encouraged are fasting, praying, and almsgiving.

Who or what is St. Monica the patron saint of?

St. Monica is the patron saint of abuse victims; alcoholics; alcoholism; Archconfraternity of Christian Mothers; Bevilacqua, Italy; difficult marriages; disappointing children; homemakers; housewives; Mabini, Bohol, Philippines; married women; mothers; victims of adultery; victims of unfaithfulness; victims of verbal abuse; widows; and wives.

What does the biblical name “Nahum” mean?

According to Hitchcock’s Bible Names Dictionary, Nahum means “comforter” or “penitent.”

How many times is the word “church” used in the letters of Paul?

In the Revised Standard Version, the word “church” is found 45 times in the Pauline epistles, including the Letter to the Hebrews. Excluding this letter, the word appears 43 times.

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